Bookmarking made beautiful

The internet is a magical place. When you find a gem, whether that be an article, image, or website and you know you’re going to want to reference it later, it makes sense to save it.

Sometimes the perfect time for that inspiration is in a few short weeks, but sometimes it’s a few years. Inspiration is a funny creature. It worms its way into your brain, and suddenly you need to look at that stained glass series from 2015.

You could trawl your Slack messages, hope it was funny enough to have tweeted about, or if you’re smart you can log onto Dropmark.

Browsers have been able to bookmark webpages for years, and for some people that was enough. All you had to do was click on the heading, scroll down to the site you wanted and boom: you were back on Lolcats. But the internet has moved on, and bookmarking has too.

Dropmark is a visual bookmarking resource. You can scroll through your collections to find what you’re looking for. Forget where you saw what, but remember the important things - like how it made you feel. Saving your inspiration to Dropmark pays off in so many ways; but we’ve broken down the top four for you.


Share your vision

With Dropmark, you can always find the exact article, image, or website you need. Share with a client or co-worker so they can understand what you’re thinking. Get on the same page quickly, and then get going on your project.

Get unstuck

Feeling uninspired? Scroll through a collection of inspiration that you curated to get those creative juices flowing. Having a folder of color palettes, for example, can help you come up with the perfect color scheme for your next project.

Never lose anything

You ensure that your favorite pieces aren’t lost to the sands of time. Should a blog shut down, or a product be discontinued, you can still have a record of it in Dropmark. Make sure you save the imagery or took a full page screenshot using our browser extension to archive. Read more about using Dropmark as an archive.

Search your stuff

Dropmark’s global search helps you narrow down your millions of items with just a few words. Supercharge your search capabilities and find connections between your items using tags.


How do you use Dropmark to supercharge your visual bookmarking? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram.