Presentations on Dropmark

You can view any Dropmark collection as a fullscreen presentation, so you can say goodbye to Powerpoint for good.

Display all your different files seamlessly; whether you’re sharing a live website, a video, or an image. Our simple design allows your work to take center stage and be the star of the show.

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You can enter Dropmark’s presentation mode by clicking on any item in your collection. Dropmark will then make the background black, giving you space to focus on that item alone, without the distractions of your whole collection.

Click through your articles using the arrows in the top corner, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Dropmark can handle all sorts of different mediums. You can showcase videos alongside live websites and documents without clunky transitions.

Dropmark is super portable; you can make amends to your presentations from anywhere. With our iOS app, you can even edit presentations on your way to a meeting or over your morning coffee.

Presentation mode works on our iOS app too, just swipe through your assets. You can use an iPad to display your presentation for clients to scroll through independently while in a waiting area, or perhaps after a pitch.

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When you present using Dropmark, you don’t need to worry about memory sticks, file transfers, or if you have your projector connector with you. Just open up your browser, log into Dropmark, and you’re ready to go.

If you want to add extra information to each slide, you can use the item’s description field. You can locate the description field in presentation mode by clicking on the information icon in the toolbar, and the sidebar will slide into view. You can use the description field to give context to the asset, for example, the name of the photographer, model, or location. Or you can use the description field to provide background information on a design choice.

The description field can be particularly useful for presentations that are purely digital without anyone from your team to present them. Once the sidebar is in view, it will continue to display for all items until you click the icon to hide it. Descriptions make it easier to share your presentation directly with clients or colleagues. If you are a Solo or Team user you can also use comments and annotations to give context and generate feedback.

Dropmark’s clean design enables you to take control of your presentations. Allow your ideas to speak for themselves and focus on what you have to say, not the bells and whistles of how you say it.

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