Our new iOS share extension

It’s faster, more powerful, and it looks pretty too.

You want to be able to use Dropmark from anywhere, which is why in our latest iOS update supercharges our share extension. Rebuilt and redesigned from the ground up to give you everything you need at your fingertips.

With our share extension, you can add photos, files, links, and more from any app that supports sharing. Follow these steps to add Dropmark to your sharing menu:

  1. View an Apple application like Safari and look for the share icon.
  2. When the sharing menu appears, scroll the apps from right to left until you see ‘more’. Click on ‘more’ to view all the different apps you can choose to share with.
  3. When you see Dropmark, tap the slider icon to enable easy sharing.

There’s a great visual how-to here should you need. Plus, you can rearrange the order the apps appear using the three lines next to the slider. Once you’ve enabled Dropmark on your sharing menu, wherever you see the sharing icon, you can share directly to Dropmark.

Nicer, better, faster, stronger

Our new extension is more powerful, so you can add more to Dropmark in one go - including supporting long videos and large files. Using the share extension makes it easy to share from your camera, web browser, as well as apps like YouTube and Instagram.

It’s frustrating to see perfect decor inspo on Instagram, but struggle to remember who shared it later on. That’s where saving via the share extension comes in. Start by clicking on the ellipsis button at the top of the image in Instagram, when the pop-up menu appears, choose ‘Share to…’, which will open your iOS sharing menu. Then you can choose which collection to save it to, as well as adding tags, choosing a stack, changing the description within the Dropmark share extension.

Here are a few ways we’ve been using the share extension to get you started:

  • Alex saves tasty looking vegetarian recipes from the NYT Cooking app
  • Skylar collects gift ideas from the Amazon app and personally sorts them into stacks for each recipient
  • Jojo saves quotes from her Kindle app to use as inspiration for embroidery
  • Tylee saves inspiration from the streets of Brooklyn by uploading images she takes from her Photos app


Having one place for all your resources is invaluable for creating mood boards and a million other ways to get stuff done with Dropmark.

With the Dropmark iOS app upload a bunch of photos, links, and files all on your device in one go. You can also generate a quick, private collection that you can share with anyone. With our iOS app, you can snap a photo series on your way to work and share it with your team before you even get there. Or edit your presentation while standing in line your morning coffee.

Making significant changes to our back end gave the share extension some extra oomph for all the heavy lifting our users put it through. Plus, it allows us to better support your ability to save inspiration from where ever you find it. Whatever you’re using Dropmark for, we’ve got the power to get you there.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Dropmark without being able to drag and drop from other apps using iPad multitasking.

If you love Dropmark, we’d love for you to leave us a review on the App store to help reach more people!